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Expect lots of pictures of my dog, nieces, husband and friends


My name is Marti Kelley Jones. I am named after my mother's maiden name Martin.  I have loved to cook since I was a little girl. Some of my best memories are spending time in the kitchen with my grandmothers. I love the classic southern food that I grew up on plus taking food to the next level and trying new things.


In April of 2014, I married my college sweetheart at Twin Oaks Farms in Pineview, Ga. This was the first wedding I fully catered and it was perfect with everything I wanted.

In 2007, I became an aunt to my mini me Addison which is my brother's first child and then in 2017 we were blessed again with two nieces. First one is Chloe which is Josh's best friends baby girl and then my brother's wife had their second child Aralyn. In 2018 We added another niece  RJ which is another one of Josh's best friends baby girl. These girls you will find splattered all over my personal instagram page. 

In June of 2016 we brought home our one amazing child, June Carter. She is a red merle australian shepherd.  If you would like to see photos of her she has her own hashtag #junetheaustralianshhepherd. 

In March of 2018 we bought our first home and it has been an amazing journey. We totally gutted the kitchen and have turned it into my dream. We were able to purchase a house with a little land so that we have place for June to run and play while also have a place for me to start a garden. 

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